Cute Clothes That Hide The Fact That You’ve Given Up On Your Summer Body

Sorry to be a bummer, but summer is basically over, so it’s probably time to just cut the shit and stop lying to yourself. Your bikini body isn’t going to transform into an Insta fit model. I’m not calling you out or anything. I mean, this is like, the seventh consecutive summer I didn’t get the beach body I promised myself I’d get the summer before. But like, honestly, it really doesn’t even matter. Tacos and margaritas on a rooftop deck won’t pull in as many likes as a thirst trap bikini pic might, but who cares as long as you’re having fun, right? (LOL, as if I’d ever be able to say that with a straight face.) Anyway, here are a few items you should add to your closet because they’re basically magic tricks that will hide the fact that you gave up on your summer body months ago.


1. Flowy Sundresses

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This is the most obvious, least innovative suggestion of all time. But whatever, flowy sundresses are pretty much always going to be a thing that will save your ass when you need to look cute and not bloated.


2. High Rise Swimwear

High rise swimwear is like, sooo flattering. It’s a must have for any kind of setting where you’ll be in the vicinity of both grilled food and a pool. High waisted bottoms with cut outs still give the impression of showing off a lot of skin, so it won’t feel like you’re wearing a giant frumpy diaper.


3. Clothes That Kinda Look Like Pajamas

Clothes that actually look just like boujee pajamas are really in right now, so you should probably take advantage of that. Jumpsuits with relaxed silhouettes are always flattering.


4. Anything With A Paperbag Waist

Paperbag waists are pretty much the most flattering waistband available that isn’t Spanx. There’s just something about it that makes you look like one of those long, lean fashion betches in a fashion sketch even if you’ve been living like you’re preparing for hibernation all summer.


5. That Shirt That Literally Every Blogger Wears

You know exactly which one I’m talking about. This thing is hardly ever photographed without an accompanying caption that has the words link in bio in it. Anyway, it’s basically a tent top, so it’ll hide all of the terrible choices you’ve been making.



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